CELBET is already a community

The CELBET Steering Committee meeting was an opportunity to sum up year 2022 and outline the plans for the next two years.

On Tuesday, December 20 in Warsaw, representatives of customs administrations from 11 CELBET Member States met at the meeting of the CELBET Steering Committee. The Committee is the highest strategic body of the project and its members meet twice a year. The meeting was attended by the Head of  National Revenue Administration,Mr. Bartosz Zbaraszczuk and Mr. Mariusz Gojny, Deputy of the Head of NRA.

The meeting was opened by the Head of NRA, who emphasized the importance of the expert group: “CELBET project was launched in 2016 and brings together 11 European Union Member States. The work of the expert teams have contributed to a better coordination of management and control activities at the external land border of the European Union. CELBET aims to: enhancing the security of EU citizens, the internal market and EU interests; ensuring the correct application of EU legislation; cooperation with EU security and law enforcement authorities; combating smuggling. The next phase of the project – CELBET+, which will run from 2024 to 2027, is open to all 27 EU countries.”

Traditionally, the leaders of all 6 CELBET teams: Risk Management, Collaboration, BCP Evaluation, Training, Equipment, Customs Control and also a PR expert, presented the results of activities in 2022 and outlined the vision of future initiatives.

Throughout year 2022, the Training Group trained 356 officers, and from year 2021 almost 1 500 customs officers from all CELBET countries. The BCP Evaluation Team developed 667 recommendations to improve the efficiency of the border crossing points and customs control. The Equipment Team organized an equipment mission, thanks to which an X-ray scanner from Hungary served customs officers on the Slovak-Ukrainian border.

Mrs. Michele Perolat,  Head of Unit in TAXUD, pointed out that CELBET is a source of inspiration and the group’s activities should be continued due to measurable results and significant progress. – “It is extremely important in CELBET’s activities to develop a maritime and aviation perspective in the context of assigning CELBET to further border crossing points.”

Head of Cabinet of Director General Support Department in Greek Customs Service, Mrs. Angeliki Matsouka, highlighted CELBET work for the Greek customs administration, stated that CELBET is already a community that supports all member countries.

One-day Steering Committee meeting was closed by the Deputy Head of NRA Mr. Mariusz Gojny, who thanked for coming to Warsaw and expressed hope for further fruitful and intensive cooperation.

Let us remind you that Poland is the leading country of the CELBET project and together with the Estonian customs administration was the founder of the expert group.