The expert team activities are carried out by 6 teams:

1. Risk Management

2. Customs Controls

3. Equipment

4. Training

5. Border Crossing Point Evaluation


7. Feasibility Study

What are the expert teams’ objectives ?

Risk Management Team gathers and examines the existing threat analysis and situational reports published annually by different organizations and produces integrated threat assessments for Eastern and South-Eastern land border customs. The team makes also proposals for joint intensified activities (JIA) for EU Eastern and South-Eastern land border. JIAs are planned and facilitated with Operational Controls Team and also are carried out in cooperation with FRONTEX and Europol.

Furthermore the RM team supports the National Risk Analysis Centres of CELBET countries by defining specific CELBET risk profiles, adjusting them periodically and sharing them on regular basis.

Customs Controls Team explores  how customs can give input to prevent illegal activities on “green border” and how border guard could give input to prevent contraband in border crossing places. One of the aim of the  team is to develop and implement the methodology for measurement and evaluation of the level of smuggling in the BCPs in cooperation with  BCP Management and Evaluation and Risk Management Team. The team evaluates the situation at the border posts and green border and prepares a training material for customs and border guard.

The team also analyzes the principles and intensity of the use of NII and other detection and control equipment and collect the best practices and recommendations to update the Handbook on the operational customs controls.

Equipment Team finds solutions for ensuring that the BCPs operating at the EU Eastern and South-Eastern land border is equipped with tailored set of  technical appliances, taking into account the risks,  threats and traffic flow at the border. This team will produce an inventory of  the control and detection equipment and keep this regularly updated within the mandate of the expert team.

Experts from EQ team draft recommendations for coordinated or joint procurements and maintenance of customs control and detection equipment. Furthermore experts analyse the possibility of spreading successful regional projects in the field of customs detection technology on the level of countries involved in CELBET project.


Training  Team develops common training system for EU Eastern and South-Eastern land border officers which ensures the harmonized level of the knowledge and skills needed for effective performance. Experts of TR team organize the exchange of good practices and also analysis urgent training needs, defines training delivery approaches, training strategy, and develops common training catalogue (list of common training topics, a pool of experts who meet the trainer`s requirements set and a list of countries where training could be delivered). Thanks to TR team joint trainings with Frontex are established. 


Border Crossing Point  Evaluation Team  is aiming to establish common approach for measurement and evaluation of effectiveness and efficiency of the performance of BCPs (Border Crossing Points). The purpose is to support managers in their decision-making process with reliable data in CELBET MSs.
The team uses the monitoring checks methodology for assessment of the level of smuggling on the BCPs. Also the team elaborates and implements the procedure for measurement of the border crossing time in likeminded BCPs.

ME Team with other CELBET teams explores the best practices and describes a model of BCP which has a high level of performance in 6 areas (risk management, operational controls, equipment and procurement, co-operation and training). The description is used for evaluation how much the BC meets this model. 

Cooperation Team is to ensure both effective cooperation and coordination between customs administrations and border guard/border police and with neighbouring third countries services operating at the BCPs of the EU Eastern and South-Eastern land border.

The team develops and pilots the Customs Administrations and Border Guard shifts management procedure and also explores and implements joint management procedures for the emergency situations at the BCPs. The team supports enhancement of border strips cooperation by unifying approaches of the CELBET Member States to the same neighbouring 3rd country.

Feasibility Study