Customs got talent !

As far as she can remember, she was always attracted to various handicrafts, drawing, construction and art.

Ms. Lina Ubienė with her husband try to visit as many exhibitions, art objects, parks as possible, especially the Palaces, because there are so many works of art and paintings there. So one summer afternoon she met Mr. Vytautas Kusas, Lithuanian artist. Thanks to him, Ms. Lina picked up a paintbrush and paints, created a series of classes in the Pėžaičiai library and three air paintings in our family’s centenary homestead (the former Pozingiai primary school).

Eggshell engraving started in Ms. Ubienė life also thanks to Mr. Vytautas Kusas. When she bought an engraving machine for Mr. Kusas, she bought one for herself too. Tried it – it came out and she liked it. Although in the beginning Lina broke more than one egg before got the hang of it, as the eggshell is very fragile, she continued the work. The work is very precise and requires special care and attention, and is time-consuming.

According to Ms. Lina, her work requires special care and attention, as the eggshell is very fragile. She broke more than one egg before she got the hang of it. The artist prefers to decorate the eggs of geese, ducks, and ostriches, but they are harder to obtain, and hens’ eggs are not very suitable for engraving because they are very fragile. Preparation is also time-consuming.

The author has already held several exhibitions in Lithuanian Region Žemaitija. Now, you can discover these meticulous and beautiful works, here on our website.