Diagnostic Study on Hungarian – Serbian border

The flagship product of the team is the BCP Diagnostic Study. Experts of the team have ready prepared questions that they ask during the visit on the border crossing points. From Monday, BCP Evaluation team experts have been working on road BCPs in Roszke and Tompa.

The aim of the Diagnostic Study is to evaluate the BCPs performance against the agreed questions on several different areas of the work of the BCP.
Altogether, there are 255 questions for the basis to determine the current level of the BCP.

The motto of the team is still the same:
When it can be measured it can be improved!

Based on Diagnostics conducted so far, the Evaluation Teams have given altogether 2140 recommendations ( 1613 for road BCPs and 514 for railway BCPs) on how to develop the BCPs performance as well as the safety and security of our common external EU border.