Medical masks found on Bulgarian -Turkish border

Over 577,000 contraband medical face masks have been detained by the Bulgarian customs authorities in the last two weeks. Most of them are detained at the border in Turkey (Kapitan Andreevo BCP) at the entrance to the EU and are transported hidden between other goods and luggage.
For 564,000 medical face masks the proceedings have been completed and the protective products have already been made available to the Bulgarian Ministry of Health and the Bulgarian Red Cross to be distributed to medical professionals, border guards and social workers.

Over the last two weeks, Bulgarian customs officers have also detained disinfectants – 17 280 bottles in consumer packs and 165 liters in tubes of 1 and 5 liters. The disinfectants also were detained at the entrance to Bulgaria at the border with Turkey – at Kapitan Andreevo BCP and at Malko Tarnovo BCP.