Operational Control Team experts met with Croatian mobile units

Experts met on 12 – 13 November 2019 with customs mobile units of Vukovar and Slavonski Brod regions in Croatia.

After presenting the Joint CELBET Activities (JCA) organized by the team during CELBET 2 phase, the participants exchanged information in regard of the mobile units’ competencies in their own countries, threats at the EU land border, risk analysis used in planning activities and control equipment for vehicles.

With the courtesy of the Croatian Customs Administration, CELBET experts discussed on the field with the customs mobile units at the border with Serbia and also Bosnia&Herzegovina about the specifics of the traffic, smuggling and methods to tackle it. As a practical part, customs mobile units carried out detailed control of vehicles using their equipment.

This sharing of information is very useful way to understand the local and regional challenges and to plan further Joint CELBET Activities (JCA) to better protect not only the Member States at the external EU land border but the entire European Union as well.

Operational Controls experts thank very much to Croatian Customs Administration for their great support, openness and consider this as a fruitful meeting with professional colleagues.