Practice & teamwork are the key – car search training in Greece

CELBET Centre of Expertise on car search training organised a training in border crossing point in Evzoni for Greek Customs officers from all land border posts in Greece, which are part of the EU external land border. Customs offciers from Finland and Hungary were the trainers.

First day of training was theoretical. Trainers explained different structures and technologies of cars, alternative fuels and electric cars. They also focused on very important factor of all Customs controls – work safety.

On the second day Greek officers were shown the ways how to remove the airbag from car safely. Afterwards students got a chance to test the knowledge about possible hiding places in cars in practice. They were checking the cars, in which trainers had hidden some goods. Last day of training was organized in premises of two different car dealers, Mercedes Benz and Toyota, where students had a chance to acknowledge with these car brands and their technologies.

When you have common goals and vision there is no language, no culture, no nationality barriers, there is only the will to succeed – underlined one of the Greek officer.

As all Greek officers agreed – the most valuable thing was that the training was mostly practical, which is crucial in their daily work and they are looking forward for more trainings like this.