Risk Management experts’ meeting in Riga

From 28 to 30 January 2020 a meeting was held of the members of the CELBET Risk Management team and representatives of the National Risk Analysis Centres (NRAC).

The event was attended by risk management experts from all CELBET 2 Member States – Latvia, Finland, Lithuania, Hungary, Poland, Estonia, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Greece and also representative of TAXUD, who discussed the draft documents Minimal requirements for risk engine and List of risks and exchanged information on how the NRACs use the received seizure data. Furthermore, the tasks and plans of the Risk Management team in CELBET 3 were discussed.

Latvian customs officials also presented the operation of the newly established Customs Control Support Centre. The participants had the opportunity to visit the centre, which was created in 2018 with the aim to ensure supervision of the customs control measures carried out in all customs control points in the Republic of Latvia, as well as to provide collection, assessment, processing and monitoring of up to date information related to customs clearance and control processes in the customs control points of Latvia.

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