Steering Committee meeting in Warsaw

“We all agree that CELBET is one of the most important projects in the area of customs union” – said Head of National Revenue Administration of Poland, Magdalena Rzeczkowska while opening meeting in Warsaw.

On 24-25 November, 2021 in Warsaw, CELBET Steering Committee took place

In the 2 days meeting,  the DGs of customs administrations of 11 CELBET Member States (Bulgaria, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Romania, Hungary), the representatives of the European Commission, as well as the head of the Belgian customs administration and representatives of FRONTEX, EUROPOL and OLAF participated.

  “We are convinced that CELBET is one of the most important projects today. It also contributes to the coordinated management of the EU external border. Poland is strongly interested in CELBET, because is responsible for important part of the eastern border. “

Mr. Dominik Schnichels from TAXUD, summarized CELBET activities: “You show how cooperation of customs services influences on efficiency and improve on results „acting as one”.”

Usually Steering Committee meetings are dedicated to present team’s activities and their ideas of new products, but this meeting was mainly focused on future of CELBET and feasibility study of the future. All participants agreed that in the permanent organizational structure of CELBET would support coordination of operational cooperation between not only CELBET MS but other EU Member State’s customs administrations, which is fundamental to the proper functioning of the most integrated area in the EU – the customs union.

The meeting was also an opportunity to change the leadership of CELBET project. Head of CELBET Mr. Jyrki Linna, handed over the steer to Mr. Andras Bartha who, from January 2022 will lead CELBET expert team.