Two editions of Missions for mobile units completed

Common patrols have been working together in 9 CELBET Member States


From 6-10 and from 13-17 of November, Cooperation team organized Missions for officers from mobile units.

First missions were held in  Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Poland and Slovakia. Second edition took place in Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Poland and Slovakia.

Why does the Mission make a difference ?

The objective of the Missions for mobile units was enabling the exchange of best practices between Mobile Units of CELBET Member States conducting secondary customs controls inland, sometimes far away from the external border and deep inside the country.  Missions are also necessary support and assistance to Customs Control team’s activities. Missions, which  are practice-oriented exchange of CELBET customs officials, are also excellent possibility to work in other Memeber States together with peers from different backgrounds and facing different challenges provides a unique opportunity for officers to exchange experience and different approaches to the job. Mission is also is a vital element in the development of individual officers and of best practice in the field.

When there is action – there are results

During the mission in Estonia, Pauls, customs officer from Latvia together with officer of local mobile unit, detained a stolen ATV (all terrain vehicle), usually known as a quad. Pauls, found tampered VIN code on the ATV. Additionally, white bus, which was transporting ATV had wrong license plates.