BCP Network central meeting in Olsztyn, Poland

From 8 to 10 of October 2019 in North Poland, near Polish-Russian border, BCP Network central meeting was held.  

The BCP Network central is one of three CELBET BCP Networks: northern, central and southern. The member states of the central group are: Poland, Slovakia and Hungary. This group aims to collect data on good practices and effective solutions in the field of customs control and to harmonize control procedures in CELBET Member States. Participants of the BCP Network group is also focused on working out solutions and the same time performs an advisory function for a management of border crossing points.

The meeting was opened by all the Director of the Revenue Regional Office in Olsztyn Mr Mariusz Pawłowski and Head of CELBET Mr Jyrki Linna. Besides presentations and workshops, the participants visited the Polish-Russian border crossing point in Grzechotki.It is one of the biggest border crossing point in the north Poland.

On the way to Grzechotki, CELBET group met with a patrol of a mobile group from Grzechotki. The officers presented equipment that supports road and inland inspections. Customs control and ​​risk analysis systems  used on the Grzechotki BCP aroused visitors’ curiosity  most. Guests asked a lot of questions to officers serving in the RTG position.

– Systems used by Polish officers would be very useful also in our service – representatives of Romanian customs service admitted.

Polish border crossings on the external border with the EU are one of the model crossing points. The border posts on Polish and Russian strip is considered by CELBET experts as where implemented solutions ensure effective control while maintaining smooth cargo traffic.

 BCP Network south will meet at the end of October in Croatia.

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