Task Force – new activity of CELBET

Today, during CELBET Management meeting, a new activity has been launched: Task Force, which was created for assisting CELBET Member States in Ukrainian crisis management. First Task Force meeting, in a hybrid mode, was held in the CELBET office in Warsaw. Apart from management members and BCP Network members, Ukrainian Customs Attache in Brussels Mr. Igor Dankov and Mrs Lidia Ababii from Customs Service of Moldova participated.

“It is very good idea to involve Ukraine in exchanging information and having data from other member states” – Mr Igor Dankov commented.

One of the tool of Task Force will be special interactive report table, which will give an overview of the current situation on the border strip with Ukraine. The data will be collected from four CELBET Member States that have land border with Ukraine: Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia.

“It is very important to share and to exchange information on what is going at the other borders and what are the other customs authorities do” – said Mrs Lidia Ababii from Customs Service of Moldova.

Next Task Force meeting will be held in May.