Finland was the host country of the CELBET BCP Network Nordic meeting

On 24 – 26 September 2019 in Lappeenranta customs officers from Estonia, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia met within the activity of one of the CELBET’s network – BCP Network. Team leaders and experts also attended the meeting

The meeting was a opportunity to provide a basis for comparing the performance of BCPs based on the input given by CELBET teams, including the comparative analysis and evaluation of the capacity of the BCP. Network members visited border post in Vaalimaa. The aim of the visit was to get familiar with customs controls, stationary X-ray,, eQueue system GoSwift used by the Road Administration on the BCP and familiarize with the Celbet Centre of Expertise on car search *

Two instructors from Vaalimaa BCP has been developing the content of the course and the main focus is on modern vehicles which can be challenging to dismantle due unfamiliar technology. The visit involved introduction of the traffic scheme, control places and equipment. The Network participants had possibility to learn and compare their processes with the practice in the Vaalimaa BCP.

BCP Vaalimaa is located at the rural part of south-eastern Finland and the nearest city of Hamina is located 35 km westward. The BCP traffic flow is planned so, that the cargo traffic and passenger traffic is handled separately in their dedicated locations.

* Celbet Centre of Expertise on car search – At the BCP there has begun a Celbet Centre of Expertise on car search as a pilot course in March 2019, the second course was held in October 2019. There is a 2-3 scheduled courses on 2020.

What is BCP Network for?

  • networking and sharing best practices
  • performing and implementation of best practices,
  • evaluation of the BCPs performance, giving feedback to the teams from the source
  • approval of the overview of the CELBET activities