Positive energy ended with a customs fine.

At the end of August, on Croatian- Bosnian border crossing point in Stara Gradiska, lady from Denmark tried to smuggle 200 kg of semiprecious stones, and quartz stones which come from place Visoko (Bosnia and Herzegovina).

Visoko is well known for Bosnian pyramids and  excavation sites. As smugller claimed she bought stones from locals and wanted to share them with her friends in Denmark. Seized stones and crystals are valued for their positive energy and are used in jewelry production. The investigation of the car was performed together by Croatian customs and Frontex officers. Together, officers found 200 kg of stones. Addiitonally smuggler had a cannabis. Estimated value of seized goods was around 5.000,00 €. Denamrk lady has to pay 3.600 EUR fine.

Croatia is one of the Member State of CELBET team and customs officers of Croatian Customs Service are one of the members of South BCP Network group which aim is to connect customs officials from all CELBET Member States. The BCP Network consist of 11 members from CELBET countries. They have been valuable partners in sharing the best practices, spreading CELBET recommendations and giving practical feedback to CELBET products.CELBET organises BCP Network meetings regionally for Nordic, Central and Southern countries involving more customs officials from different BCPs.