From „60 days of darkness -place” to „warm and sunny -place”.

BCP Networks online meetings, from Finland to Greece, have been organized.

Forty eight customs officers participated in all three BCP Network meetings organized by BCP  Evaluation team on 1,3 and 10 of December. In CELBET there are three BCP Networks, dedicated to different part of Europe and CELBET MS: North (Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania), Central (Poland, Slovakia, Hungary)  and South (Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece).

Due to pandemic, all meetings were organized virtually, but despite of this form, all participants gave a positive feedback and look forward to meet again with colleagues from other European customs services.

The main topic referred to pandemic situation on external border. The exchange of current information appeared to be very important and useful for all customs officers. They exchange not only data of current border traffic but also tips and experiences on coping with the COVID 19 while clearing the goods and drivers with revealing smuggling at the same time.  

Ranking of equipment in the context of procurement equipment for customs control, information on new technologies, provided by Equipment team were the topic that met with a high interest from members of BCP Networks.

Officer also exchanged information on e-commerce issues, especially on products safety certificates’ control.  It  varies in each CELBET Member State, that’s why it is crucial to have an effective and practical platform to exchange information, opinions and questions.

Thanks to all three Networks, CELBET teams can collect and share data on good practices and effective solutions in the field of customs control aiming harmonization of control procedures in CELBET Member States.

What is BCP Network for?

  • networking and sharing good practices
  • building solid ground for operational cooperation and sharing of data
  • performing and implementation of good practices,
  • evaluation of the BCPs performance, giving feedback to the teams from the source
  • approval of the overview of the CELBET activities