Cooperation team visited the Sillamä sea port in Estonia

To explore possibilities and working methods in seaport BCP’s and getting information about future strategy for adding sea ports to the CELBET activities. Sea ports are planned to be area for future cooperation, that’s why on 4.05.2022, experts from Cooperation Team visited port border crossing point Sillamäe. CELBET representatives provided information about the CELBET project … Read more

Nose needs to be trained.

From 25 to 29 of April in Training Center in Gajary, Slovakia, sniffer dogs are trained. Participating customs officers are from Estonia, Greece and Poland. One of the aim of the training is sharing experience in field of service cynology and effective control with the dogs in difficult conditions. During practical part, customs officers had … Read more

Meeting with National Risk Analysis Contact Points

On 2 and 3 of February, experts from Risk Management Team met with customs officers who are National Risk Analysis Contact Points (NRACP) in order to discuss risk profiles that were implemented during JCA8 and VOCU Acitivity. The risk areas for future activities such as: seizures data collection, analysing available databases and identifying new trends … Read more