What makes customs officer happy on international training? 14 kg of amber…

Thanks to the support of the Revenue Administration Regional Office in Rzeszów, on 1-3 October at the border crossing point in Medyka an international bus search training was organized. The training was prepared by experts from the CELBET Training Team but with the support of CLEP program and close cooperation with the National School of Revenue Administration in Poland.

As the head of National School of Revenue Administration in Poland Mr Paweł Cybulski pointed out during the opening of the training: The place where we are located is not accidental – Przemyśl is the place of strategic importance and crucial in raising the qualifications of customs and tax officers due to its location near the EU external border.

About 20 officers from Poland, Slovakia, Estonia, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria and Croatia took part in the training. Polish and Hungarian officers, previously selected by CELBET experts, were the trainers.

Head of Revenue Administration Regional Office in Rzeszów , Mr Grzegorz Skowronek emphasized: We are in a great place to gain and exchange experiences that are in the area of ​​interest of CELBET . I am convinced that this is just the beginning of our good and fruitful cooperation.

– Trained officers had the opportunity not only to exchange experiences and good solutions but what is crucial, to practice training in real environment: during real clearance on the border crossing point. The officers improved their skills in detecting smuggling in coaches, where there is a lot of hiding places , but also their construction can be complicated. – explains CELBET PR expert Anna Hatała-Wanat.

As a result of the practical part of the training, one of the Hungarian customs officer seized 14 kg of amber in one of the controlled buses.