Active cooperation matters – Joint CELBET Activities (JCA) organized in CELBET 2.

During CELBET 2, Operational Controls team organized three Joint CELBET Activities in cooperation with main CELBET partners: FRONTEX, OLAF and EUROPOL.

The Operational Controls team planned customs controls in passenger and commercial traffic, road and rail border crossing points. Actions were also performed with customs mobile units on the second line of control – out of the border crossing points in 11 Member States – Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Croatia, Bulgaria and Greece.

The targets chosen during the JCA in CELBET 2 were as following:

  • cigarettes/ cheap whites
  • drugs
  • counterfeits
  • cash controls
  • equipment and materials for illegal cigarettes production in EU.

The main added value brought by JCAs is pooling various experiences of Member States in risk analysis and operational controls, share risk related data among participants and put them into practice by designing activities in order to detect customs related violations.
In the last Joint CELBET Activities in November 2019, important cigarettes seizures were discovered by Hungarian customs officers at the Hungarian-Ukrainian border post in Záhony and as well by Polish customs mobile units at the Polish -Ukrainian border.

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