The future is in sharing the data. CELBET X -ray image & data platform is ready.

CELBET Equipment team in cooperation with CELBET Training team developed a solution for x-ray image and data exchange.

X-ray image and data exchange platform is now available on CELBET Training Platform (   It is beneficial for all MS to use the Training platform as a tool for x-ray images exchange purposes. The platform ensures a secured place for storage the data.  It was created in order to ensure exchange of X-ray images between CELBET MS with the purpose of enhancing the training of x-ray image analysts and to develop their skills and ability to analyse X-ray images. It is crucial to collect as many different X-ray images and cases as possible to provide effective trainings in CELBET MS. All member states were requested to nominate trainers or any other person in charge of uploading and downloading images to the database.   Trainers than can choose precisely the cases they need for training needs. They can choose cases by x-ray manufacturer, means of transport, smuggled goods and also customize their training based upon case related information.