Asking questions is the first way to begin change

Over 250 questions are asked during BCP Diagnostic Study.

BCP Evaluation team experts from Finland, Greece and Hungary visited  Polish- Ukrainian border crossing points in Korczowa and Krościenko, evaluating the BCP with a support and experience of Polish Customs and Tax Control Service officers. Study was organized from 3 to 7 of July.

One of the aim of the study is to find a way for improvement of the border crossing time for trucks entering Poland and EU and the same way to rise the level of protection Polish and EU interests and to increase the security of their citizens.

During the study in Krościenko, BCP Evauluation team experts met with Polish Border Guards and Ukrainian Customs Service and Border Guards. It was fruitful and crucial meeting, giving the evidence of deep and effective cooperation between Polish and Ukrainian border authorities. The aim of the study in Krościenko was to get general assessment of the BCP performance.

So far, BCP Evaluation team has given over 1000 recommendations.


What is Diagnostic Study ?

The Diagnostic Study is a flagship product of the team. The aim of the study is to evaluate the BCPs performance against the agreed questions on several different areas of the work of the BCP. Altogether, there are 255 questions for the Road BCPs and 250 questions for the Rail BCPs for the basis to determine the current level of the BCP.