Hybrid and electrical vehicles are not secret anymore. Special training in Croatia.

In order to follow modern technology advancement and keep track with potential new modalities of smuggling in the hybrid and electric vehicles a special training in the Customs Training centre of Croatian Customs Administration in Zagreb has been organized.

Training took place from 30.11 till 2.12 in Zagreb and was organized and performed by CELBET Training Team,  Croatian Customs Administration together with authorised auto-companies, service and dealers. Customs and police officers attented the training.

This module of training has been continuation of the basic module for check and search of the vehicles, established on the basis of CELBET trainings.

The trainers were from Customs Administration, Police Administration and Inspection of road traffic (10 trainers), with cooperation and assistance of the experts in the authorised auto-companies for hybrid and electric vehicles (trucks, buses, and cars).  During the 2 days training, technological knowledge was presented to 24 officers from customs (BCPs and mobile) and police (border police and criminal unit).

Practical part referred to the new models of the vehicles of different auto brands, including on the singled producer of the electrical vehicles in Croatia – Bugatti & Rimac cars.

Since trend in the production and sale of electrical and hybrid vehicles is increasing, there has been noticed also the increase in use of these models of vehicles and it`s factory characteristics for the crossborder smuggling of illegal, forbidden or restricted goods. With this goal, the specific training is agreed, where authorised maintenance services of these vehicle models pay  the attention on the specificities of these models, taking into account not only possibilities of hiding places and hidden spots in certaing parts of the vehicles, but also to the safety issues which have to be concerned during the search and examination of these vehicles.

Certificates of appreciation have been passed to these authorised companies, for their assistance and cooperation in the implementation of this interesting educational training.