Boundless cooperation – meeting in Budapest

For the first time in second edition of CELBET all experts and leaders of all 6 teams have met together.

Several foreign languages were heard in the conference room of Hungarian National Tax and Customs Administration in Budapest. On Thursday 6 of September, 25 experts and members of CELBET Management sat down at one table to discuss, present and take part in workshops. For the first time meeting for all CELBET2 experts was organized. Experts of each of 6 teams presented deliverables of their 3 months teamwork and introduced new activities that are focused on improvement in areas of functioning and safety on CELBET Member States’ land border strips.

During the visit in Hungary, Mr. Jyrki Linna, Head of CELBET met with Mr. Tamas Molnar, Director General for Customs and International Affairs, who ensured support to CELBET initiatives and expressed his satisfaction with activities that have been carried out so far.  During the meeting a workshop was carried out for all experts with the objective of receiving feedback for further development of the CELBET and areas that need active support. The feedback will be presented in the next Steering Committee in November.