Well trained nose is priceless – training for dog handlers.

From 27– 31 of May in Training center Gajary, Slovakia a special training for dog handlers is organized and coordinated by CELBET Training team.  

Customs officers, who are dog handlers and instructors from Poland, Finland and Slovakia shared and exchanged best practices, experiences and work tips in the field of sniffer dogs‘ training. Thanks to precious and practical infomation participants acquire knowledge of customs surveillance  and detect smuggled goods together with their work partner- sniffer dog.

Thanks to the Training team activity and successfull cooperation within the customs administrations trainees are trained by skilled, experienced and international instructors in order to improve and make progress in revealing tobacco products and narcotics. Training system and level of tasks are adjusted to the skills of trained dogs. Not only the training is a very valuable event but, as the officers claim, the possibility of using different infrastructure of training centre is also added value.