Preparing to JCA 11

On 5-6.09, Customs Control team organized a pre-JCA11 physical briefing in Warsaw.

Representatives of mobile units from 11 countries: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Croatia and Czech Republic discussed the upcoming joint operation and CELBET missions.

This meeting was also a great opportunity to share general information about the structure and competences of mobile units in their countries, taking into account that there have been new colleague from Czech Republic.

Officers have also exchanged information on equipment for daily use, most significant and interesting seizures, biggest challenges and difficulties in daily routine of mobile units.


What is JCA ?

Joint CELBET Action aims towards CELBET MS “working as one” customs administration idea. It is a special type of operation that connects different services and bodies ( FRONTEX, OLAF, EUROPOL) in one activity in accordance with established detailed and tailored schedule.  While planning JCAs the Customs Control team takes into consideration different aspects such as border strip, volume of traffic, type of the vehicle, type of the customs controls considering the available equipment and duration of the customs controls, etc.