Knowledge needs to be shared.

Training „Analysis of X-ray images” took place in  Gdańsk.

The event was hosted and organized by the National Revenue Administration and the National Revenue School of Poland. The primary goal of the training and workshops was to improve skills in the analysis of X-ray images and to exchange knowledge and experience.

The exchange of the best practices in the field of X-ray inspection methodology increases the effectiveness of customs control on the external EU border. Participants of the training were customs officers from Belgium, Slovenia, Greece, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Slovakia and Portugal. They tested their existing skills on training material developed by trainers of the National Revenue School.

The event takes place at the X-ray Center, which is also our Center of Expertise on X-ray.

Taking into account the geographical location and customs control devices’ variety used by Polish officers at the external border, they are the European leader in the field of X-ray image analysis.

Due to the increasing needs, the plan is to include this type of training held in Gdańsk, in the annual mandatory training calendar organized by the Commission and CELBET.

Big thanks to the extremely experienced and professional X-ray image analysis experts of the National Revenue Administration: Marian Wiszniewski, Mateusz Stefek, Wojciech Gęsikowski.