How to see deeper? X-ray webinar.

The first international webinar in 2022 on X-ray topic, took place on 27.01 within CLEP. Webinar was organized by CELBET Training team and X-ray Centre of Training Expertise of the Polish Revenue Administration. Due to pandemic restrictions, meeting was held on-line . Four trainers from Poland,Germany, Latvia and Spain shared interesting and challenging cases on … Read more

Hybrid and electrical vehicles are not secret anymore. Special training in Croatia.

In order to follow modern technology advancement and keep track with potential new modalities of smuggling in the hybrid and electric vehicles a special training in the Customs Training centre of Croatian Customs Administration in Zagreb has been organized. Training took place from 30.11 till 2.12 in Zagreb and was organized and performed by CELBET … Read more

BCP Network plenary meeting

Members of BCP Network from all CELBET Members States have met on14 -15 of December in Warsaw. Meeting was opened by Head of CELBET Mr Jyrki Linna, who presented general overview of CELBET deliverables and highlighted practical side of activities. – It is learning from doing- said Linna. During the two days meeting, customs officers … Read more

Gold medal for Head of CELBET

The Commissioner of National Tax and Customs Administration awarded the Gold Grade of Saint Matthew Commemorative Medal to Head of CELBET Mr Jyrki Linna in acknowledgement of his dedicated work in leading the CELBET expert team and his contribution to the enhanced cooperation with the National Tax and Customs Administration of Hungary in CELBET. Brig. … Read more