EU – Belarus Customs Dialogue

Project Group on the implementation of the Action Plan

On meeting in Brussels on Wednesday, 5 th of December, CELBET Interagency and 3rd Countries Cooperation team leader Mr. Bartosz Gruszecki and team expert Mrs. Ana Burkovskiene, delivered information on the progress achieved in implementation of an activity on balanced BCPs development. It was agreed to launch this activity jointly during the last Project Group meeting in Minsk. Thanks to a very efficient cooperation from Belarussian colleagues significant result has been achieved. This activity is an example of the new approach towards cooperation between EU members and 3 rd countries, called as a border strip cooperation unifying approach of all EU countries neighbouring the same country. In this case it is unified approach of Latvia, Lithuania and Poland to cooperate with Belarusian colleagues.

Although the activity is focused on Border Crossing Points’ infrastructure and capacity, it is worth underlining that its development will have positive impact on the trade facilitation and border traffic.
CELBET representatives expressed their positive impression by the progres Belarusian side achieved in synchronising border control of CA/BGs. Especially implementation of the one authority control at the Kozlovicze BCP. This solution is one of the flagship recommendations of the COM for EU countries. CELBET successfully assisted in implementation of this solution in Estonia and now is assiting Lithuania in the same project. Taking Belarusian experience into account in this area, cooperation in this matter will be beneficial for both sides.