How do the mobile units work?-site visit in Hungary.

At the end of October, Head of CELBET and experts of Operational Controls team and Inter- agency and 3rd country Cooperation team participated in site visit in Hungary at the Common Centre of customs mobile units and border guards in Nyíregyháza and at the Office of customs mobile units in Záhony.

The experts learned about the peculiarities of competences of customs mobile units, cooperation with border guards in Hungary, what are the good practices that can be shared in their customs administrations and asked for hosts’ feedback in regard of their tasks.CELBET team also met Lithuanian Customs officers working in the BCP Záhony (HU) and concluded that the “exchange of customs officers” programme appeared to be very successful and should be promoted further.

With the courtesy of National Tax and Customs Agency of Hungary, CELBET team met the customs mobile units on a “hot spot” on the green border and discussed the local threats and the ways of tackling them.

Cooperation of customs mobile units and border guards in regard of controls at the river Tisa is a very good example of common practice.