Merci, Douane!

CELBET and representatives of French Customs Service met in Paris.

Head of CELBET Andras Bartha, Grant Coordinator Pille Jogisoo, Cooperation team leader Aneta Łomańska-Grzegorzak and Risk Management team leader Peychin Ivanov have met with representatives of French Customs Service. The meeting took place on 6.03.2023 in Paris and the CELBET delegation came to France on French Customs invitation.

Representatives of Belgian, Spanish and Polish customs and tax administrations have also actively participated to the meeting which aimed to:

– know how does the CELBET work and level of the support it provides to its member states.

– explore the possibility of extending the CELBET to all EU borders (land, sea and air)

– taking example of enhanced cooperation into account.

Mr. Marc Dagorn, the Head of International Affairs Department of French Customs emphazised that  CELBET can be linked to the contours of a future European customs agency that could partly draw inspiration from it, as proposed in the report of the group of wise men published in March 2022.

The meeting was closed by the Deputy Director General, Mr Jean-Francois Dutheil, who came to meet the participants.