BCP Network Central meeting in Slovakia

Members of the BCP Network Central region met on 23-24 of October at BCP Vyšné Nemecké in Slovakia. The meeting was mainly focused on customs procedures carried out at the border with Ukraine in Poland, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia.

The working meeting was led by head of CELBET Jyrki Linna. This permitted CELBET representatives  to examine the BCP infrastructure in Vyšné Nemecké and Ubľa. During the session they discussed about procedures at the BCP an new ideas regarding the border control.

Each country has its own specificities in the area of ​​technical, personnel and detailed procedures, and it is therefore important to exchange information and, in particular, practical experiences. On the Slovak-Ukrainian border customs officers are most often confronted with illegal imports of cigarettes and tobacco products, as well as alcoholic beverages and mineral oils.  In recent years amber has been seized more often. The goods of animal and plant origin which are prohibited and restricted, but still carried by he passengers, may cause  spreading of various diseases.

“The goal of CELBET is to create a training model for all member states that the process of customs controls will be the same,” said Jyrki Linna in a television interview – link