We keep it practical

BCP Network members met on plenary meeting on 11-12 of October in Warsaw

I encourage you to make it as interactvie as possible. We are expecting your honest feedback and opinions on CELBET activities. You are the one who can use products of CELBET – said in the opening speech Head of CELBET Andras Bartha. Participants from border posts on external EU border from CELBET Member States, fully agreed to keep it as practical as possible. BCP Network was created to exchange information and to connect the customs officers from the first line of control. Participants were also welcomed by Mariusz Koter, from National Revenue Administration of Poland who is CELBET advisor and who shared some details on customs matters in regards of EU policy.

The first day of the meeting was dedicated to teams’ leaders presentations. Customs Control team leader Olga Grzibovska showed main points of Joint CELBET Activities (JCA). Lauris Krivans, Team Leader of the Equipment Team, shared the presentation on CCEI, Procurement Experts Network and Scanner Cooperation Experts Network activities. Presentation of the available CELBET Training and the possibilities of the Training Platform was showed by Norbert Jakus, Team Leader of the Training Team. New Risk Management Team Leader Peychin Ivanov,, shared his story about becoming from the BCP representative to a Team Leader. Healso presented future plans of the Risk Management Team.

Last point of the first day of meeting was the presentation on CELBET plus structure and areas of activities that will be covered, explained by Andras Bartha, Head of CELBET 3.

Traditionally, second day of the meeting was dedicated to presentations on current situation, detection trends and interesting cases on the EU external border within the CELBET Member States.

What is the feeling of revealing and keeping that amount of money?- Estonian customs officer asked Hungarian colleague, who seized 30 millions USD in a passenger’s suitcase. That was one of the unusual seizure on the Hungarian- Ukrainian border.

Greek officers admitted that passenger traffic came back to the level that was before pandemic and last year officers from Evzonoi BCP cleared over 7 millions of passengers. Finnish customs officers presented procedure of controlling the sanctions, as well as Estonian and Polish customs officer, who shared information on types of sanctions’ violations.

-Even if my country and border are not affected by war and sanctions, I found all presentations very interesting and useful – said customs officer from Greece.

Head of CELBET Andras Bartha summed up 2 days meeting by saying: –I saw interaction, concentration on the topic. These meetings are necessary, you brought many useful and interesting information. We will keep the habit of organizing plenary meetings.

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